Lucas: I go to Lincoln middle school. Currently, I play the violin and I swim for gator swim club. I met Joey through school. We were on the same math team. We also were in the same quartet together. One year, we even qualified for nationals. He was a really good friend. He was a real inspiration, with that strong and always positive spirit. His spirit will always be with us. I am honored to be a part of this board and together, I hope we can help save another kid’s life with this research.

Aidan: I love to play the cello, and it was through this love of cello and music that I met Joey. The two of us with my little brother Kieran and Lucas would eventually become a string quartet, which has now evolved into the Joeys wings string quartet. During my first year in the Alachua County Youth Orchestra, me and Joey were good friends. I will help this organization raise funds to combat childhood cancer.

Kieran: I am a boy of 13 going on 14. I greatly enjoy video games. I met Joey through violin lessons, and he was my best friend. I will never call anyone my best friend because of what happened to Joey. I hope to fundraise enough money to help stop cancer entirely. No one should die at the age of 10.