Joey’s Wings Foundation collaborates with Tutors For Hope to provide free tutoring service by Zoom for children battling cancer. Tutors For Hope is a college student run organization designed to promote education throughout the world. It was founded in the summer of 2019, comprised of students from Tufts University. TFH tutors have deep passions for teaching and helping others in need. The organization has a COVID-19 private tutoring program for elementary to freshman students, tutoring a bunch of different subjects like English, math, science, art, music, and more. Each tutor is well equipped to teach their subjects and love to educate students.

Joey’s Wings tutoring is a virtual friendship program. These are the subjects we provide:

Games (Minecraft, Chess, etc.)

Art (Origami, Painting, Music, etc.)

English (Reading books, Writing, Homework Help, etc.)

Science (Homework Help)

Math (Homework Help)

Social Studies (Homework Help)

Language (Spanish, Chinese, etc.)

Your child doesn’t need to be in active treatment to get this free tutoring. If your child is or was fighting cancer, you are welcomed to try!

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Testimony from Parents

“We have been working with Katie Wang since late last year. She is amazing!” – Parent from Texas

“I appreciate you teaching my daughter.” – Parent from New York

“This program is great! My son would look forward to his tutoring sessions. Zoey was really sweet and patient with my son.” – Parent from Florida

“Michelle was our tutor and she’s great! She’s dedicated and very friendly. We really appreciate her help!” – Parent from Texas

“Our tutor, Ella is very kind, lively and patient. She is so great!”

“My son enjoys his class with Ella very much. He not only made academic achievements but also learned to interact socially.”

“My daughter loves Anna’s class. She likes drawing, doing craft, playing drawasaurus, and simply chatting.” – Parent from Texas