Team Joey

Kathy Liu – President & Founder


Joey is forever my dear son and he is the mountain that moves me forward to help the children and families who deal with this horrible disease. During his cancer journey, I learned the valuable lessons of how to be your child’s advocate, connect with researchers and doctors, and promote awareness of childhood cancer. I want to share these experience with other parents through this foundation. Our goal at the Joey’s Wings is to continue Joey’s fight by raising awareness about childhood cancer, funding research into kidney cancer that affect children and young adults, and to provide support and mentorship program to parents. Before Joey’s diagnosis, I taught at elementary school. I love working with children. I enjoy reading, camping and going to the beach with my husband Luke, son David and our dog Addie.

Jill Dahan – Vice president & Co-Founder

029-225x300I am passionate about preparing, eating, and sharing foods that nourish the body and the soul. I am a wife and a mother of three teenage boys and I strive to nourish my family in the best way possible. I am dedicated to teaching and inspiring people to make changes and GET COOKING I love to demonstrate in my classes and through my website that homemade real food can be healthy, easy, delicious, and transformative. I am honored to know Kathy and Joey. I have the utmost admiration and respect for their passion for life and I have been personally inspired by Kathy. As the co founder of Joey’s Wings, I join with Kathy and the other board members in our commitment to help support research, advocacy, and education about this disease in order to benefit other children, young adults, and their families and friends that are affected.

Lucinda Peng – Event coordinator

647601ee8db7eb1c24e7b5a4cfc434c1I am an undergraduate at Yale University. Joey and I bonded through our love of playing violin and folding origami. I am inspired by Joey’s optimism and strength in spite of the many challenges he faced battling cancer, which led me to begin doing leukemia research in the Yale Cancer Center. As a member of the board, I hope to help shape the foundation into something that supports research that will allow other children and young adults recover from this disease so that they can live their dreams and unleash their unlimited potential here.

Charlene Luke – Foundation consultant


I am a tax law professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. I teach law students about the U.S. income tax, including its application to individuals, corporations and partnerships. I am looking forward to helping out at Joey’s Wings. Kathy Liu is an inspiration to me and my family.

 Huiqing Zhu – Treasurer

img_9081-300x232I graduated in Dec. 2015 for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida. I have accounting experience for 15 years after I graduated from Washington College in accounting major. I have been a treasurer for ACYO since July 2012. I have two boys. The older one graduated from College last year and will go to medical school this year. My younger son will go to college in September. I like sports, cooking and travel. I know Kathy’s family and saw how Joey fought the terrible disease. I had never seen he cried or blamed. He always smiled. He was a very positive and brave boy. We cannot cure the diseases shortly, but I believe our dream will come true one day.

Lisa Eisenberg – Marketing

12321608_10154474831645550_1187784647351213370_n-300x300I grew up and lived in New York City until moving to Central Florida in 2011. While always supportive of cancer research, after the loss of my mother in 2012 to advanced stage cancer, advocating for more clinical trials and research to eradicate cancer became something I’m passionate about. I hold a Bachelors Degree in generalist Social Work from Adelphi University and a Masters Degree in Social Work Administration from Fordham University. I have worked in the non-profit and healthcare sect for more than 20 years and am the founder of a charitable organization for individuals with special needs and their families. In addition, I spent 9 years serving on the board of a preeminent adoption agency in New York. My goal as a board member is to promote advocacy, education and research and help Joey’s Wings grow so they may help as.

Eric Ye – Event coordinator

13644154_1066015980114762_37052010_n-220x300I am a student at the University of Florida studying Finance. I love making new friends and I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Joey and learn about his experience. His battle taught me about the value of community and the strength within every person. As a board member, I hope to be able to spread Joey’s message throughout our community and make strides toward a cure for cancer.

Grace Shan – Event coordinator
 I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Florida studying Accounting. I was blessed to have met Joey at church where everyone’s lives were touched by his own. Joey kept his optimism and strength throughout his whole journey. As a board member, I hope to not only pass on Joey’s story throughout the community but also raise cancer awareness and funds in order to aid families that are still on these challenging journeys with their children.
Addie – Companion

023-300x200Addie is our family dog. She is Joey’s favorite family member. In Joey’s last days of life, Addie traveled to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and stayed with him in the room. Addie is always a great comfort and companion of the family.

Youth Advisory Committee


Lucas: I go to Lincoln middle school. Currently, I play the violin and I swim for gator swim club. I met Joey through school. We were on the same math team. We also were in the same quartet together. One year, we even qualified for nationals. He was a really good friend. He was a real inspiration, with that strong and always positive spirit. His spirit will always be with us. I am honored to be a part of this board and together, I hope we can help save another kid’s life with this research.

Aidan: I love to play the cello, and it was through this love of cello and music that I met Joey. The two of us with my little brother Kieran and Lucas would eventually become a string quartet, which has now evolved into the Joeys wings string quartet. During my first year in the Alachua County Youth Orchestra, me and Joey were good friends. I will help this organization raise funds to combat childhood cancer.

Kieran: I am a boy of 13 going on 14. I greatly enjoy video games. I met Joey through violin lessons, and he was my best friend. I will never call anyone my best friend because of what happened to Joey. I hope to fundraise enough money to help stop cancer entirely. No one should die at the age of 10.

Medical Team

arganipPedram Argani, MD is a Professor of Pathology and Oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. He described the Xp11 translocation renal cell carcinomas and the t(6;11) renal cell carcinomas in 2001. The Xp11 translocation renal cell carcinomas were accepted as distinctive entity by the 2004 World Health Organization (WHO) classification of renal neoplasia, while the t(6;11) renal cell carcinomas would be recognized in the upcoming 2015 WHO renal tumor classification. Following Dr. Argani’s initial discovery of these neoplasms, he has performed studies to delineate the clinical behavior of these neoplasms, as well as their responses to therapy. He has developed immunohistochemical and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assays which can be used to identify these neoplasms in routine pathology material. He has identified therapeutic targets in these neoplasms, such as C-met overexpression and mTOR pathway activation. Through his pathology consultation service, he likely has the world’s largest collection of these neoplasms, and has created tissue microarrays harboring many of these neoplasms to expedite further molecular characterization. Dr. Argani’s laboratory is actively searching for therapeutic targets in these neoplasms which will improve patient outcome.

10994172_1592272677675582_726734839837607589_nDr. Hsieh is a physician-scientist and a board-certified medical oncologist from Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center, specializes in treating kidney cancers. The Hsieh laboratory primarily focuses its efforts on translational kidney cancer research. The MSKCC translational kidney cancer program primarily utilizes patient materials to directly decode the molecular basis underlying tumorigenesis, treatment response, tumor heterogeneity, and cancer metastasis, and thereby offers personalized treatment regimens. They employ state-of-art research platforms to interrogate kidney cancer genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Furthermore, through building the molecular blueprint of kidney cancer pathogenesis, the lab wishes to develop novel mechanism-based therapeutics to better treat and eventually cure kidney cancer patients.

www2-mdanderson-orgDr. Tannir is the professor and deputy department chair of Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology in MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Tannir’s research focus in renal cell carcinoma is in the following areas:

Molecular and clinical characterization of non-clear cell RCC subtypes, particularly translocation RCC and renal medullary carcinoma.

Design and conduct of informative, biology-driven clinical trials for clear-cell and non-clear cell RCC.

Identification of circulating and tissue-based biomarkers of response to targeted agents and immune checkpoint antibodies in patients with clear-cell and non-clear cell RCC.