Donor list

Cranes Donor List

Thank you, all these talented people who donated cranes! We can’t make Cranes for A Cure possible without your help!

Yi Chen, Las Gatos, CA: 300 cranes

Chino Leong, Gainesville, FL: 2,500 cranes

Cissy Zhang, Marco & Troy Yang, Fremont, CA: 100 cranes

Christina Yu, Belmont, CA: 40 cranes

Emily He, Fremont, CA: about 200 cranes

Alvin Tsui, Fremont, CA: 110 cranes

Jessica Qiu, San Jose, CA: 100 cranes

Amy Zheng, Milpitas, CA: 120 origami of different designs

National Honor Society at Glendale Adventist Academy, CA: 1,307 cranes

Living Water Bible Church at San Diego: 1,000 cranes

Liping Yao, San Diego, CA: 500 cranes

Amber & Gordon, San Diego, CA: 200 cranes

Shuning Wu, Mountain View, CA: 50 cranes

Qing Luo, Fremont, CA: around 200 cranes

Kimberly & Zachary, San Jose, CA: 50 cranes

Isabelle Linguiti, Philadelphia, PA: around 1,000 cranes

JeanetteĀ Dimasso, Revere, MA: around 500 cranes, beads and jewelry

Victoria Hennion, Branchville, NJ: 400 folded cranes

Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety at the UF Health: 1,000 folded cranes

Sandra Shrock: 1,000 folded cranes

Daniel Siliver, Gainesville, Fl: a shoe box of cranes

Rui Cao, Bayarea, CA: 300 folded cranes

Yuming Lin, Gainesville, FL: 3 boxes of beads!

Emily Young, Gainesville, FL: a shoe box of folded cranes

Rupa Lloyd, Gainesville, FL: a shoe box of folded cranes

Bob Fong, Sarasota, FL: Over 400 folded cranes

Cranes for Cancer, Tucson, AZ: 1000 folded cranes