Cranes for a cure

Cranes for Cure is inspired by Joey’s love of origami. Cranes for Cure’s mission is to fund pediatric cancer research by selling origami crane strings and mobiles, and to provide origami cranes to pediatric cancer patients.

“The crane in China and Japan is one of the mystical or holy creatures. Paper cranes are traditionally given as a wedding gift and can also be given to a new baby for long life and good luck. Hanging them in one’s home is thought to be a powerfully lucky and benevolent charm.” Cranes bring hope and uplift spirits.



What can you do to help?

1) Donate money for supplies.

2) Donate origami paper, beads, ornaments, etc. You can buy origami paper here.

3) Send us folded origami cranes! We need a lot of them! We need folded origami cranes made with 6″ and 3″ square paper or the size between them. Preferably, cranes made with pattern paper. Please keep the cranes folded when sending them. You don’t need to open them up.You can send us strings or individual crane. We will put them into beautiful origami mobiles or strings to deliver to children who are fighting cancer or sell them to fundraise!

4) Send us any origami creation you make! We can use them as ornament, addition to the crane mobiles.

Step by step with pictures


We are selling these origami cranes strings and mobiles in community fundraising events made by talented volunteers to fund pediatric cancer research. Our volunteers turn the origami cranes into absolutely gorgeous arts: strings, mobiles, beads, ornaments of balloons, balls…Everything is hand-made. They are a perfect gift for any occasion – Easter, baby shower, birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries – whenever you wish to present that special person with something unique and meaningful. Please send cranes to:

Kathy Liu    13572 Lopelia Meadows Place, San Diego, CA, 92130


December 201615319123_10211827317385482_4225105730485189803_n

We sold 40 ornaments and fundraised $800 in the holiday sale in San Diego area. All proceeds go to Rady Children’s Hospital. We will keep folding till the day a cure is found.

 September, 2016

image-0001Our 2,000 origami cranes are up at Shands Children’s Hospital for 2016 childhood cancer campaign! A big thank you to the Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety at the UF Health for donating 1,000 origami cranes to our Cranes for A Cure project!

July, 2016

 “Shared Hope – Art and Healing” opens on Jun. 29th – Aug. 5th at the Harn Museum of Art. This education display includes photographs by Joyce Pearson and Stacey Steinberg, as well as a communal origami project that exemplifies the power of art to raise the spirit as a resource to illness, aging and death.
 December 12, 2015


Tree of Life at the Millhopper Library! Come decorate the tree with origami at the Millhopper Library on 12/12 Saturday at 2pm. Joey’s Wings String Quartet will play holiday music. Everybody is welcomed! Leave notes to your loved one or write words of encouragement to someone you want to honor on the album of 2,072 cranes displayed at Shand’s Children’s Hospital.

December 8, 2015


We sold 150 clear balls of Christmas ornament! With each ball sold, we buy a Lego box for the child on the oncology floor of the Shands Children’s Hospital. We made the first delivery of toys and books to Shands Children’s Hospital, 45 books and 27 toys on Dec. 8th. We will make the second delivery soon, all Lego boxes to children battling cancer. Thank you for ordering the origami ornaments! One ornament equals one Lego box for kids!

November, 2015

 Special designed holiday ornaments to children battling cancer! We mail Christmas tree clear ball with crane, crane string with spike ball, etc. all over the country. We deliver them to the Shands Children’s Hospital and retreat for children with cancer.

September 1, 2015 e

Joey’s Wings displays 2,072 origami cranes in Shands Children’s Hospital from September 1 to the end of the year, for the childhood cancer awareness. It took the volunteers 3 months of hard work to fold the cranes, put them into strings with beads and make big crane mobiles. We fundraised more than $2,000 from this project.
April 8, 2015


Today we delivered the first group of origami strings to the children on oncology floor at Shands Children’s Hospital. Child life sent them to the newly diagnosed kids. They are easy to carry or can be put into container or hung up. Hope these cranes can bring hope and smile.

 May 5, 2015

img_8653May 5th is a big day, bringing smiles to more than 5000 kids in hospitals over 5 countries in one day! Today is an exciting day of international launch of Super Max the turtle. Joey’s Wings is honored to be part of MaxLove Project to deliver the Twilight Turtle in Joey’s honor. We delivered all the turtles, cloud b products and origami crane strings to the oncology floor. People working on the floor ordered 8 big crane mobiles!

May 12, 2015 img_8638

We received two very special donations of cranes. One is from a gentleman, who lost family to cancer and chronic illness. He sent me over 400 cranes he did over the years while waiting for doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, etc. and while watching TV. Some of his cranes are so tiny! Thank you, Bob from Sarasota! Another package arrived yesterday with 1,000 origami cranes, beautifully folded! It’s from an organization called Cranes for Cancer. They have been doing this for 18 years now. They sent 1,000 cranes to cancer patient. Thank you, Cranes for Cancers, for your efforts to bring comfort, peace and luck to cancer patients! Feel thankful we have so much support from the community since we started Cranes for Cure. Imagine how many strings we can make out of all these donated cranes!